How To Beat An Ashy Winter Complexion

Turn over a new leaf and give your
skin the care and attention it deserves

For many of us, the winter months are not our friend. The lack of sunlight doesn’t just put us in a bad mood, but can zap the life out of our complexions too. But if you’re unable to get a natural sun-kissed glow, there are things you can do to give your skin some much-needed oomph.

Ruby Hammer, International Make Up Artist and Brand Creator, has the following advice. “To avoid darker skin tones looking ashy during winter, I suggest boosting your skincare regime by gentle exfoliation to get rid of any dry, dull elements on your skin.” When it comes to facial exfoliators, we love LUSH’s Cup O Coffee (£6.75) exfoliating mask, which smells like a vanilla latte and scrubs up a treat with natural coffee grains. (Just don’t scrub too hard or too frequently or your skin might end up red or irritated. Two to three times a week is enough.)

Once you’ve sloughed away those complexion-dulling dead skin cells, the next step is nourishing it. “Layer a serum to nourish and feed the skin and maybe a drop or two of oil to reflect the light on the skin. Afterwards, massage your face to boost circulation,” Hammer advises. We recommend trying The Body Shop’s Vitamin C 10 Day Glow Boosting Concentrate (£16) that has been specifically formulated to increase skin radiance. A touch of almond oil massaged into the cheeks, temples and forehead will also give face a little lift. (£4.49, Holland and Barrett).

And last but not least, we come to coverage. “Use a foundation that is true to your skin (not too yellow or too red). There is much more shade choice out there now than there used to be,” notes Hammer. “Finally, add a touch of highlight liquid or a cream to the high points of the face – such as brow bones, the tops of cheeks the inner eye corners, Cupid’s bow and a light touch on the bridge of the nose.” When it comes to a decent, hardworking foundation in a variety of shades, L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation offers a relatively wide range from blue-toned espresso to red-toned caramel. (£9.99 Boots) And when it comes to highlighter, you can’t go wrong with Benefit’s famous High Beam (currently £17.55, House of Fraser) the pink tone works to counterbalance dull areas for a show-stopping finish.

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