The Beauty Buff

My trip to Nigeria and how to rejuvenate
your look for spring…

It’s been a busy time! I recently flew to Lagos with the wonderful fashion designer Adebayo Jones, as we were both international industry speakers for the WOW (Women on Wellness) event in partnership with Vanguard Allure Magazine, Nigeria.  It was truly a remarkable experience. We hear every day how great the African continent is and why we need to experience it for ourselves – and having gone 25 times over the last five years to Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, and Gambia, I can absolutely confirm that. I have fallen in love with Nigeria and will have plenty of projects launching there – make sure you watch this space because I’ll be sharing everything here first!

Meanwhile to put you in the spirit for spring, here are my quick tips for getting the essential products for black skin right.


If you have neglected your face throughout the winter this is the time to become familiar with your skin again. As I always advise, you should invest. Book an appointment with a good beauty therapist and allow them to analyse your skin. They will be able to advise you on the correct products to use and foods to eat to keep your skin at its best.


Don’t skimp on foundation. Use formulas that work for your skin type and swing by a makeup counter to get colour matched.

Loose Powder

Once your foundation is on dust a bit of loose powder all over your face to keep everything in place.

Eye shadow

Your eyes, your choice. Just don’t forget to blend.


Outline the eyes with black or chocolate brown. 


Apply mascara with a clean wand and make sure it is no more than six months old.


When choosing the right shade of lipstick, go for more intense colours like dark reds or corals.


Choose blusher in warm colours lie rose, or I highly recommend deep orange.


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