Dyeing Your Natural Hair? Here’s What You Need To Know

With colour trends such as holographic hair big news,
we’ve assembled a few tips if you’re thinking of
hitting the bottle yourself

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Going the DIY route? Buy more than one box of hair colour
Those with thicker hair types might find that a single box isn’t enough to get the job done. Plus, natural curly hair absorbs product a lot faster than other hair types. So make sure you stock up so that you’re not left with patchy results!

Only dye it yourself if you want to go darker
Lightening your hair is a multi-step process, so you’ll need a professional who will be able to adapt the colour to suit the natural tones in your hair. In short, it’s far too tricky to risk having a go yourself, unless you’re a trained colourist. If you do want to go with a darker colour, opt for formulas that are gel or liquid-based, as foam versions don’t tend to penetrate curly hair as well.

Ideally get your relaxer and colour done at the same salon (but not both at once!)
If you want to relax and dye, both processes obviously require a great deal of chemicals so you ideally want your stylists / colourists to be in communication with each other, so that there isn’t any product overload that’s going to cause serious damage.

And wait two weeks after a colour is put on before you have relaxer applied
It’s important to give your hair a break to recover in-between treatments for the same reasons as above.

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Avoid shampooing the hair the day your colour is applied
Doing so can strip your scalp of its natural oils which can provide a protective buffer for the chemicals in the dye so there’s less irritation.

Don’t get Tango’d!
Natural hair has a lot of warm tones, which can be brought out when a lighter colour is applied. In-between salon treatments use an ash toner at home, such as Wella’s Colour Fresh (£9.65) to balance out any orangey hues.

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Apply conditioning treatments like they’re going out of fashion
This goes without saying, but dyeing makes fragile brittle natural hair more fragile and brittle than ever. So overnight treatments, leave-in conditioners, oils and using cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo are all a must. We love Aveda’s Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment (£29.50).

Protective styles are essential post-colouring
Once you’ve got your desired hue, styling your hair in box braids or cornrows for the first week or so will help preserve your locks’ condition and prevent those vulnerable strands from being tangled or damaged.

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