5 Reasons Why False Lashes Beat All Other Eye Make Up


Who said “falsies” were just for partying?

Given false lashes can have the same impact as a smoky eye, liquid liner and three coats of mascara, why are they associated only with nights out? Don’t get us wrong, we love experimenting with the above, but sometimes – especially in the sweltering hot weather – we prefer to keep things simple. Hence we’ve come to realise that simply popping on some false lashes makes so much sense. Here are some reasons why …

They don’t clump or smudge Unlike regular eye make up, with false lashes, you won’t get any pesky eyeshadow creases, flecks of mascara, clumpy lashes or – heaven forbid – the dreaded “panda eyes” effect. Any decent brand of lashes should stay put and look fabulous until the end of the day. (Just make sure they’re glued down properly!)

They’re less likely to irritate False lashes sit just above your lash line, and with their special skin-friendly adhesive, they should be easy to pull away once you’re done with them. So there’s less risk of product getting into your eye causing redness and irritation.

You can apply them with ease – once you get the hang of them There’s no danger of crooked eyeliner or badly blended eyeshadow with these. Just apply the glue along the edge of each lash, leave to dry for 10 to 20 seconds until tacky and gently press and hold just above the lash line. (Make sure you press each end down firmly so they don’t start to peel off.)

False lashes create instant ‘wow factor’. Few things open up the eye more than some voluminous lashes. If your own lashes are short and sparse to begin with, there’s only so much mascara can do. Rather than having to apply coat after coat of the stuff (and having ‘tarantula legs’ lashes for your troubles) falsies create a bold statement and look great in photos. Plus if you keep the rest of your make up minimal, it won’t look too OTT.

Best of all – they’re super easy to remove at the end of the day. You no longer have to spend ages over the sink scrubbing away every last scrap of mascara (and potentially damaging the delicate skin around the eyes in the process). Neither do you have to invest in an eye make up remover that won’t sting your eyes to high heaven. Just gently lift away each lash, peeling off the glue from the lash itself and put them back in their case until you’re ready to use them again. Easy peasy!



If you want to start off subtle, try Eylure’s Naturals Lash 031 for a full, yet natural-looking flutter. (£4.99 Fabled) And for something with a bit more oomph, try Ardell’s popular Wispies style. (£5.49 Superdrug) But for a real impact, we’d recommend the Giselle lashes from Insta-sensation Huda Beauty. (£12.50 + shipping Cult Beauty)

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