On trial: Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Gadget


Are your feet summer-ready? We test out the gadget that promises the ultimate prep

Why you should invest
Before you slip you toes into those Puma x Fenty sliders, you might want to give those neglected feet a little TLC so that they look the part. Yet not all of us have the time to schedule in regular pedicures (or the budget come to that!) Luckily Scholl has created this handy gadget to save us painstaking hours chiselling away with a foot file. It’s a great way to get a professional looking pedicure at home without having to trudge to the salon and spend upwards of £20 each time.

How it works
This gadget is designed for use on dry feet, so there’s no need to soak in a footbath beforehand. You can if you want, but you should wait for them to dry thoroughly first! The roller itself is infused with diamond crystals to gently exfoliate and buff away at any hard skin without it feeling coarse and rough afterwards. You hold the chunky handle, while the rotating roller goes to work on any rough patches (it might be best to put some newspaper down to collect any debris). It’s super gentle, and a much safer alternative than chipping at your feet with a callous knife (avoid these like the plague unless you’re a qualified podiatrist!)

Top tips
If you want to maximise the skin-softening effects of Scholl’s foot buffer, slather on some of its Intense Foot Serum, which absorbs much more quickly than a cream to ensure minimal slippage! And if your feet are feeling a bit sweaty and tired at the end of the day, treat them to some Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray from The Body Shop (£6.50).

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Gadget is currently £26.66 at Superdrug


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