Thinking of cutting your hair off for summer? Here’s what you need to know

Your essential guide before going for the chop

Cropped hair seems like an easy, low-maintenance summer style – ideal for beach holidays, festival season and beyond. Far less likely to make your scalp sweat than braids, wigs or weaves, it’s also less likely to need wrapping in a scarf before bed. Here are a few things to consider before going for the chop…


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Be prepared for regular trims
Unless you’re a demon with an electric razor (or know someone who is) you’re going to have to head to the salon every month or so to maintain the shape. And if you’re dyeing your cropped hair, the re-growth will show up more prominently.


If you’re nervous, get it cut in stages
Rather than lopping off your shoulder-length locks in one fell swoop, getting it gradually cut shorter and shorter can help get you used to having a shorter style without it being such a drastic change. Plus if you decide shorter hair isn’t for you, you won’t have to wait ages for it to grow out.


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Scour Instagram for the style you want
Don’t just walk into a salon and hope for the best. There are many types of short style, from buzz cuts to longer, textured and asymmetric styles. Instagram is a hotbed of hair inspo, so save a few of your favourite snaps and show them to your hairdresser so they have a better idea of what you’re after.

Get ready for curlier hair!
Without the weight of longer hair pulling it down, shorter natural hair will be far curlier and more prone to frizz. Rather than trying to style it into a straighter texture (and cause a lot of damage in the process) it’s best to work with your natural waves. Products such as Joico Curl Defining Contouring Foam-Wax (£12.35, Look Fantastic) can help create a sleeker finish if so desired. Ask your hairdresser for other styling tips before you leave the salon.


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