Perfumes To Wear To Work Out

Because your sweat actually makes perfume stronger!

If you’re a fragrance fiend, with a bottle handy for every occasion, why should your gym sessions be any different? Indeed, a refreshing scent can be a welcome addition to our fitness wardrobe – as the sweat our bodies produce actually makes the fragrance we’re wearing more potent, so you get a pleasant whiff while you’re lifting those kettle bells. We’re not talking full-on floral numbers here (rich, cloying scents are best avoided), but understated, refreshing citrus scents. Here are three to hit the treadmill with.

Clementine California – Atelier Cologne
Californians love a good workout (if you’ve ever been to ‘Muscle Beach’ in Santa Monica you’ll understand) and we can imagine this latest scent from Atelier Cologne will go down a treat with LA’s fitness set. Containing crisp notes of tangerine with lush green undertones, it’s a charming little number, perfect for when you want to wake your nose up (and the rest of your body) when you’re heading out for a morning run.
€60 for 30ml



White Musk Fragrance Mist – The Body Shop
This is a grown up version of those Impulse body sprays we used to cloud ourselves in after P.E. A classic scent and The Body Shop’s best-seller, this body mist version is a lighter variation of those famous musk, rose and patchouli notes – making for a pleasant, delicate fragrance to have in your gym bag, and a great way to gently mask any body odour.
£8.50 for 100ml The Body Shop

Tokyo Mama Fizzzzz – Smell Bent
This is one for those of you who like scents that are a little off-the-wall, designed to be the scent equivalent to a cool glass of lemonade (but far less sweet and sticky!). It’s got a whole heap of citrus accords including Asian yuzu (a citrus fruit found in Korea and Japan) as well as a delicate base of cedar that adds a soft, richness that’s never too overpowering.
£45 for 50ml, Roullier White


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