On Trial: Duck & Dry Instant TLC Leave In Conditioner

The cool blow-dry bar promises at-home grooming too with this bottled beaut - but what's the verdict?


Should you invest?
If you’re planning on ditching the dryer and letting your curls dry naturally now the sun’s out, this product is your ultimate anti-frizz saviour. Created by Duck & Dry, Chelsea’s über-luxe blow dry bar, this will imbue your tresses with some much-needed moisture whilst leaving you with beautiful, low-maintenance curls in the bargain. We all know how fragile and prone to breakages natural hair can be, so a leave-in conditioner is essential post-wash, to ensure your locks aren’t left looking dry and damaged.

Duck & Dry’s chic blow-dry bar

How it works
After your shampoo, gently towel-dry your hair and spritz the conditioner through your strands towards the ends, tousling through with your fingers to ensure it’s applied evenly. Leave to dry naturally or use a blow dryer. Its nourishing ingredients include conditioning honey extracts, nourishing coconut oil and strengthening Vitamin B. There’s also Shea butter, which not only gets your locks looking luscious but actually helps boost hair growth! We packed this in our suitcase for a weekend away. Leaving our hair to dry out in the sun, we were left with cute curly locks as opposed to the “dragged through a hedge backwards” look we’re normally used to! (It also means we no longer have to weigh down our travel bag with styling tools…)

You can either use this in place of your normal conditioner after shampooing, or keep it in your handbag and spritz a small amount whenever your hair gets frizzy or tangled.

Top tip
Keep a bottle of this in your beach bag and spritz through your locks after you’ve been in the sea to prevent the salty water wreaking havoc!
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