Why Mermaid Beauty Is A Trend We’re Obsessed With


Make waves with sea-inspired beauty

Ever idolised Ariel growing up? Us too – hence why we’re all over the new trend for mermaid makeup that seems to be hitting the beauty world big time. From Glasto to Love Box, we spotted lots of festival-goers were wearing “siren sequins” dotted over their cheekbones up to the eyebrow. Add to that some flowing tresses and luminous skin and you have yourselves a trend. Move over unicorns – mermaids have taken centre spotlight. Here are some essentials you’ll want to make Part of Your World

Festival Face – Chunky Glitter in Emerald
These gloriously green chunks of shiny gorgeousness are the colour of a mermaid’s tail and perfect for festivals, club nights – hell you can even sport them to the newsagents if you’re feeling brave enough. Just dot some Vaseline over your cheekbones and sprinkle on liberally. You can even dot a few over your lipstick or tousle through your hair. £4 BeautyBay

Spotlight Clip In Hair Romance Curl in Blue Hawaii
If you’re after the type of tresses that would lure sailors to their doom, then these cute clip ins are your answer. This brilliant blue hue is perfect mer-girl chic, and adds the perfect pop of colour without damaging your natural curls. These are super easy to apply too – just tease your natural hair at the root, add a little hairspray, clip in the extension and you’re good to go. £2.99 Spell Beauty

NYX Professional Makeup Velvet Matte Lipstick in Midnight Muse
No mermaid trend would be complete without a statement blue lippie that even Ursula herself would approve of. This gorgeous hue from our favourite budget-friendly-yet-brilliant beauty brands creates a stunning matte finish, applies like a dream and won’t dry your lips out in the bargain. Saying that, if you’re going to be spending your days “Under The Sea”, that won’t be a problem… £7 Selfridges

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