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Feed your curls! We chat to cool new company Curlsmith whose online community for curly girls grew into a cult haircare brand

It all started simply: girls sharing hair tips on social media and swapping insights on curly hair. Hundreds of followers later, it proved there was a real appetite for hair advice. So, a group got together and became Curlsmith. They interviewed experts on camera – trichologists, celebrity hairdressers and social influencers – on how to create new curly styles and content. They were also deluged with messages; many were requests for product recommendations for curly hai, which their followers complained were difficult to get hold of, poor value and full of chemicals. To remedy this, they invited members to collaborate on formulas right through to scents, packaging, labels and even the brand name. They worked hard: they FaceTimed, workshopped, polled, interviewed and sent products across the world in a mission to make the world’s best curl care range. A year on, Curlsmith was born. We spoke to member Kate Evans for more…

Tell us about the range
There are four products, all based on home recipes. Many girls use all four because they have distinct benefits and purposes. We also cater for lots of different curl types, so results can vary from girl to girl. Our customers who have slightly coarser hair (4A- 4C) swear by our Oil-In-Cream, they use it as a leave-in but also styling product, whilst women with dry or damaged hair claim our Serum is a real game changer. Our Conditioning Wash works for pretty much any curl type as it’s just an extra nourishing cleanser.



When doing all your research into curls, what did you discover?
We were really surprised by the number of women who were ‘DIY’ing hair products from natural foods like avocado, eggs, beer and mayonnaise. We’ve tried them all ourselves and it can be quite a messy, smelly business. Another thing we heard was that curl patterns are not for life. Many of our ‘curlfriends’ were finding they needed to look for new products all the time because their old products weren’t delivering any more.


“Good quality, fresh foods and organic ingredients aren’t

just good to eat, they’re great for our curls too”


You collaborated with lots of ‘curly girls’ – what were their biggest hair concerns?
Moisture. Secondly was ingredient conscious – we all read the back label!  We made sure every ingredient in the Curlsmith range was there for a reason. Anything that’s bad for curls like silicone or sulphates was out! Finally, some products were tricky or expensive to get hold of, particularly for girls in the UK, so we decided at launch to sell direct to our customers and offer free shipping always in Europe and the US.

Why was a being an all-natural brand so important to you?
Because we know that good quality, fresh foods and organic ingredients aren’t just good to eat, they’re great for our curls too. We use avocado, sage, basil, olive oil, carrots, apricot and other delicious ingredients in our recipes for their natural curl-loving properties such as hydrating, strengthening and hair growth.

Tell us about your ethical stance
We searched the globe for the best quality raw, rare and organic ingredients. We source all ingredients directly from the communities who harvest them to guarantee we trade fairly and protect jobs and livelihoods. We look after animals too. Curlsmith products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Aside from using your products, what are your other top tips for looking after your curls?
Be gentle, don’t fight your curls – treat your hair like your skin. Use the right microfiber towel, embrace your natural hair and avoid chemical treatments and heat styling. Protect your curls in holiday season by soaking them in fresh water before swimming in the sea or pool, because hair saturated with clean water won’t soak up as much salt and chlorine. Finally, since you are what you eat, remember that beautiful curls start with a balanced diet.


The Curlsmith range: Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash, £19.32; Intense Deep Treatment Oil Serum, £27.82; Curl Conditioning Oil-in-Cream, £20.09; Curl Defining Styling Soufflé, £20.86

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