Our Favourite Arty Beauty Looks of Instagram

Sometimes it’s fun to get creative, especially where the likes of lipstick and liner are concerned. If your make-up’s been looking a bit “meh” recently, we’ve found lots of Insta-inspo to help you shake things up – and then some. Check out our top arty beauty looks to try yourself or just simply admire!

80s earth goddess
Illamasqua shared this stunning look featuring Whitney Houston-style 80s blusher incorporated into a whimsical May Queen creation.
Sci-fi siren
This otherwise pretty and polished beauty look is taken to the next level with gorgeous green metallic accents at the inner-corners of the eyes.
The feathery brow
Rather than just attempt yet another perfectly sculpted “Insta-brow”, why not be a bit more adventurous with this fun feathery look? All you need is some brow gel and a brush (and plenty of patience!)

OMG these feather brows are everything ✨ RP @lisamcconniffe πŸ’• 🌸 #featherbrows

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Sapphire lips
Red lipstick is SO last millennium – the new “power shade” for us is definitely brilliant blue, like this stunning teal shade worn with minimal make-up.

Apple green eyebrows
This lady’s stunning emerald arches gives a whole new meaning to the term “green-eyed monster”.

White liner
If you’ve had enough of glitter, why not take your festival make-up to the next level with some bright white liner painted across the brows and down the forehead?
Sunset shadow
We’re all agog with this mellow yellow make-up look reminiscent of a Madagascan sunset.
Different colour eyeshadows

If we’re happy to mis-match colour on our nails, why not our eyes? This look might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s certainly a bold new beauty step for humankind.

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