Can’t afford a massage? Pop this in your bath instead …

Save your pennies, we’ve stumbled across the most relaxing product of all time

We have Mohammed at the Penhaligon’s boutique to thank for suggesting our latest bathroom cabinet find. (Go and say hi to him and sniff out some gorgeous scents on the 6th floor of Harrods…) It’s not super glamorous, nor is it beautifully fragranced. But boy, does it take the body and mind to “Four Seasons Spa” levels of chill. What we’re talking about is magnesium salts; sprinkle a cupful in your tub and soak for 20 minutes – you’ll thank us later.


Why you need them
Ever felt tension in your muscles from an intense workout, hunching over a desk, or simply having a slept in a weird position? Sometimes it’s tempting to invest in a massage – but in our opinion unless you book an hour, it’s really not worth the money. (Having spoken to masseurs, it apparently takes the muscles at least half an hour to properly “soften” and start reaping the benefits of all that kneading and chopping.) Given that hour-long-plus massages are in the realm of £80 and above, it’s not an option for most of us. Hence why magnesium salts (in our humble opinion) are the next best thing you can do – bathing in this magical stuff relaxes the muscles (and the mind!), softens the skin and helps you sleep much better. (Oh and if you suffer from eczema and psoriasis, it’s said to help with that too. Natch.)

How they work
Officially, according to the NHS, our body uses magnesium (primarily found in the food we eat) to convert food in to energy and for bone strength. Hence some people take magnesium supplements to fight fatigue and improve their sleep quality. But magnesium is also available in the form of chloride bath flakes, which is prized for its ability to – among other things – relieve stress and help with muscle tension (the idea being that it absorbs more rapidly through the skin, as opposed to through the digestive system).

What we thought 
After a particularly gruelling body pump session, we decided to give them a go – purchasing Better You Magnesium Flakes from Holland and Barrett (£10). We added a good handful to our bath – with no other products – and soaked for about half an hour. Whereas normally, our muscles would feel super sore the day after a gym session – following our magnesium bath, the soreness was practically nil. We also slept incredibly well that night and felt well rested and energised the next morning. This stuff is essential for exam time, to restore equilibrium during the festive season or just whenever you’re feeling a bit stress or tensed. In short – we’re totally sold. Give them a go.

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