Our Top Fool-Proof Ways To Shop For Foundation

Because you know we’re all about that base


With more and more make-up brands – such as the newly launched Fenty Beauty (cheers RiRi) – catering for a wide range of skintones, there’s never been a better time to update your beauty bag – especially in the chillier months when your skin needs a snug layer of something. We’ve cherry-picked our top five tips from make up artists to help you get your glow on.

Legendary make up artist Pat McGrath gave the following advice to Vogue: “When choosing a foundation, be sure to match your face to your neck and don’t overdo the coverage. Check your make-up in different mirrors and light sources around your home and apply in layers.”

And when it’s time to swatch up, don’t feel limited to just one colour, as Laura Mercier’s make-up artist Jenn Streicher told Byrdie. “Sometimes you just can’t buy one,” Streicher says. “Usually [black skin is] darker around the outer edges, so you don’t want to go too light in those places or it’ll look ashy,” she says. “I actually always tell people to buy two anyway, because you go up and down in colour all year, and you can mix them to get the most perfect colour.”

Focus not just on tone, but also texture – as Alex Babsky, Lancôme’s UK Makeup Ambassador explained to This Is Powder. “Although women with darker skin are often more conscious of not wanting to look “shiny,” choosing an extremely matte foundation can give a flatter, “chalkier” appearance as it sets, even if the colour went on as a perfect match. Look for a foundation that doesn’t sacrifice one of these attributes for the other. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear (£31.50) gives a flattering, believable matte finish to the skin, without compromising depth of colour as it sets.”

And finally, don’t just consider the skin on your face – as strange as it sounds. “A great tip is to look at your body and the depth of colour you see in the chest, neck and arms – ultimately we want our face and body to balance,” MAC’s Senior Artist Debbie Finnegan recently told ELLE. “Always go for a foundation that is one or two shades lighter than your skin-tone, so that your face doesn’t end up looking darker than your body.”

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