What Glossier Products You Should Be Stocking Up On

And not just “Boy Brow”….


Put the flags out – New York “It” beauty brand du jour Glossier has FINALLY landed on UK shores. And the fuss isn’t unfounded. All the marketing fluff has been stripped back, superfluous products thrown out. This is a line created by and for ladies that know about beauty. The name might ring a bell – the brand is the brainchild by Emily Draves, founder of beauty-zine Get The Gloss – which some may call a PR coup. But the products certainly live up to the hype.



First let’s talk about Boy Brow
Ok, to get this one out of the way if you haven’t already heard about it. The brand’s bestseller, Boy Brow (£14) is the answer to the prayers of anyone who hates the “Insta-Brow”. You know the one – which looks like it’s been drawn on and ombréd out at the bridge of the nose. This clever wax formula, applied with a mascara wand, grooms, thickens and tidies brows while maintaining a “boyish edge” so they look neat but still natural.



And then there’s Balm Dotcom
There’s lip balm and then there’s Balm Dotcom (£10) Packed with skin-loving ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin and natural plant extracts, it’s the perfect way to keep skin happy and hydrated when it’s nippy outside. You can either buy the clear, unscented ‘Original’ version (our go-to for soothing chapped lips, dry cuticles and raw noses this winter) or else you can go crazy and treat yourself to a flavoured/tinted version. Sate your sweet tooth with ‘Mint’ or ‘Coconut’ (both clear), add a subtle pink sheen with ‘Rose’ or pretty pop of colour with ‘Cherry’. But our favourite has to be ‘Birthday’ which smells like – you guessed it – birthday cake (yay!)



And let’s not forget Milky Jelly Cleanser
A decidedly cheaper version than those luxurious balm cleansers, Milky Jelly Cleanser (£15) is just as effective and super gentle to both skin and eyes (it contains the same cleansing agents used in contact lens solutions). It dissolves a smoky eye in a matter of minutes; so after a big night out there’s less “faff” time taking your makeup off before collapsing into bed. It doesn’t leave skin dry and crying out for moisturiser afterwards either. Win-win.

All products are available at glossier.com

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