“Box braids! Where have you been all of my life!”

After endless styling on photoshoots and the occasional encounter with rain or snow, there’s a point where my hair needs a little TLC. Most importantly, the time comes when my natural hair underneath needs a much-needed break. Whenever I take my weave out, I go for a moisturising treatment and get my ends trimmed if necessary. If I am lucky enough to have more than a week away from a weave, I will play around with other hairstyles. Cue off duty hair.

Although we are now in spring, the heavens still have the tendency to open up here in England (ho-hum). So to keep my hair in check this time around (besides hiding at home under a large beanie!) I’ve decided to get my hair braided. I went for box braids for the very first time in my life, which has been quite an experience! I wear them long and down. The difficulty is resisting the urge to play around with them too much as I don’t want to tug at my own hair underneath. The best bit so far is that even if I do get caught in the rain, there’s no danger of getting my hair wet and frizzy, being is safely protected by the braids. I’m using this time to slap on the good stuff like oiling my scalp so that when I do take the braids out, my roots are soft and moisturised. Now all that’s left to do is think about what type of weave I want next…

Stay tuned!


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