On trial: ghd eclipse


Designed with Afro hair in mind, the ghd eclipse
was always going to get the Spell scrutiny

When a product has been released that’s seen scientists slog over it for years, it’s inevitable people sit up and take notice. And when that item comes under the ghd label, it’s even more reason to give it a go. That’s not all: its new technology is specifically designed to give Afro hair the TLC it deserves. Double, even triple delight, right?

Get switched on
So, what’s the big deal? The eclipse model – super slick and lighter than the older stylers – comes with patented tri-zone technology that’s perfect for ‘challenging’ hair (i.e. Afro hair) and performs at 185°C, which is the ‘Goldilocks’ temperature zone, neither too hot to scald our strands nor too cold that it won’t provide lasting hold. That’s the key: the ideal heat means we get single stroke styling. Easy peasy preening.


Be in it to win it!
Want to give the ghd eclipse a try, or think you know someone who’ll love it for Christmas? Well, we’re giving one away, worth £145. Simply click on this link and sign up to Spell online. You’ll be entered into a draw and we’ll announce the winner at 5pm on  Wednesday 17th December* on Twitter @spellmagazine. Good luck!

*normal T&Cs apply.


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