3 protective hairstyles for winter


Everyone’s doing the tuck! Shield
your locks with these simple solutions

Now is the time to tuck your natural locks away with a protective hairstyle. This essentially means keeping your ends moisturised and hibernated from any damage – whether that be too much heat from your straighteners or the brittle effects of the harsh winter. If your delicate tresses could do with a little something to give it a leg up in the growth department or prevent it breaking from the see-sawing temperatures outdoors and indoors, we’ve got three styles to get your crown covered…

A biggie winter trend thanks to Chanel, cornrows are comin’ atcha this season. Like hair chameleon Alicia Keys, experiment with creative braiding patterns. These easy-to-install braids offer a protective style that’s simple to maintain and easy on your wallet. Go for two colours for extra oomph.

Top tip! Tie a silk scarf around your head before hitting the sack to avoid fuzziness. Co-wash your braids once a week to remove any build-up and add moisture to your lengths and a nourishing oil.

Try: X-Pression Ultra Braid, from £2.49


Rock the cool faux side shave achieved with a few neat braids matched with full-bodied extensions on the other half of your head. Mimic Kendall Jenner by installing lush Virgin Remi hair for full-on swish – go on, treat yourself!

Top tip! Apply a hydrating leave-in conditioner to your scalp and cornrows. Make sure you braid the cornrows loosely so you don’t feel any tugging on your scalp and hairline.

Try: Sensationnel Bare & Natural in Malaysian, 100% Virgin Remi hair, from £29.99



When you want the ultimate cover up, go à la Miss Ora, and do the no-holds-barred approach: a wig. Great for hair morphers like Rita, wigs are the business when your own strands need a well-deserved break. To rock a ‘non-wiggy’ look try an L-Shape style, a flexible concept that allows your natural hairline to show.

Top tip! Cuticle damage can be caused by friction from inside the wig so treat your own locks to a deep conditioning mask every four to six weeks.

Try: Sensationnel Empress L-Shape Lace Front, from £24.99




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