Beating tired skin

Being exhausted is one thing, looking it is quite another.
However, clever skincare can provide some get-up-and-go

Are you sleeping well in this warm weather? I’m not. Warm summer nights have never agreed with me and the heat always wakes me up extra early.  Coupled with burning the candles at both ends for work and social events, the last three weeks have left me feeling and looking totally shattered. That said, I still have to present the face of a facialist each time I step out of the house and right now I’m relying on these two to keep me looking fresh faced.

French brand Talika is up there with the best when it comes to eye care products and has a six decade respected heritage in skincare. Dark circles and puffiness under my eyes always give the game away that I’m not getting enough quality rest, but Eye Detox Specific Olive to Dark Skin, £34 (note that this version is cleverly created for darker skin tones which can be more prone to shadows under the eyes) has been helping me to mask the outward appearance.


I’m a sucker for skincare gadgets so I particularly like the steel ball applicator which I find cooling on my skin. The mini massage action as you roll the ball gently around the eyes decongests and drains toxic fluids from the eye socket. This also effectively applies the product in the correct consistency. Inflammation busting brown algae extract, soothing oats and niacin amide work in tandem to smooth and brighten the eyes. However, it’s vitamin B3 that’s the real clincher as it regulates the over production of melanin which causes the dark circles in the first place! If you’re a constant sufferer from dark circles, hereditary or life inflicted, then over time you should see some real improvements.

I’m also relying on long term favourite French brand Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting, £45 to inject some va va voom into my tired skin. I find when you have compromised sleep, most skin complaints become even more magnified. In my case, my skin looks grey and pigmentation spots are more pronounced. Barring more rest or invasive overhaul treatments, it’s best to use high efficacy skincare that gradually gives the results you’re after. This oil free formula corrects most types dark spots as well as prevents them from appearing.


It feels comfortable and soothing on the skin and bestows immediate radiance due to the concentrated levels of viniferine, which tests showed to be 62 times more powerful than vitamin C. This turnaround ingredient regulates melanin which is responsible for the dark spots, promotes better blood circulation which in turn boosts clarity and protects skin from UV radiation which also causes dark spots! Naturally you must use long term for a more balanced skin tone, but the immediate effects make it a pleasure to use morning and night!


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