Tesco goes global


Supermarket relaunches its World Beauty range

Women of colour know all too well the annoyance of having to shop in ‘specialised’ stores for various beauty products. One store for haircare, one for make-up and one skincare, all of which have an irritating habit of being miles apart from each other.

Feeling our pain however is Tesco, who have decided to re-launch their World Beauty offering. As of this month they’re teaming up with some of the most revered cosmetic companies so that black and ethnic women can buy more of their favourite niche brands from the same store.

We were thrilled to hear that leading the way is the much-loved PAKS, who for the first time in their 27-year history will be offering products outside their standalone stores. Their dedicated area inside Tesco shops will offer hero products from the adored Mazuri and Olive Oil ranges, go-to brands for Afro-Caribbean hair.

Halal-certified and gorgeously packaged Tamese & Jackson will also line the shelves with their premium hand soaps, hand lotions, shower gels, body lotions, shampoos and conditioner while Vatika is extending their core range to include natural hair hennas. Suitable for all hair types, shades include, Rich Black, Natural Brown, Dark Brown and Burgundy and we literally cannot wait to try!

The full World Beauty range will be available from 63 Tesco stores nationwide and online at www.tesco.com @tesco


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