The cream of the crop


a world of advanced skincare technology, I am putting good old fashion moisturising face creams centre stage this month

Back in November, I had the pleasure of attending an event at the green beauty emporium Content Beauty & Wellbeing. Quietly nestled in Marylebone, behind the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, it’s a relaxing place of calm where you can take your time to discover natural, organic, eco luxe brands and treatments available in the UK.

Co-hosted by green beauty blogger Lynda Dabboh and Michele Scott-Lynch, founder of naturally curly hair range Bouclème, we went on a journey of discovery looking at amazing natural options for skin and hair concerns. They also focused on makeup for dark skin and surprisingly (and in this day and age, I shouldn’t be!) there are a significant number of natural and organic brands that provide strong multiple shades of colour cosmetics for darker skin tones.

But I digress, because what I really want to talk about is Therapi Ultra Radiance Cream (£35) as Lynda mentioned it is one of her favourite cream moisturisers. Typically I don’t do creams, I prefer facial oils.  But with every rule there is an exception and with the weather yo-yoing – cold, warm, mild and cold again, I decided to try it as my skin is also up and down like said weather pattern. Don’t be fooled by the word enriching on the packaging. You may think it’s specifically suited to dry skin, but don’t let that put you off uncovering its brilliance. I’ve been using it on my combination oily skin weekly with great results.

Due to the luscious thick texture, it works great as an overnight treatment cream. It’s the one I reach for when I’ve finally made it home in horrible weather and I want to take the day off, shut the world out and settle in for a relaxing evening. I pat and press a thin layer to freshly deep cleansed face. I tend to do a clay mask before using so my skin is super receptive and I also apply face oil over it. Yes, you will look like a freshly minted shiny penny after this process but bear with it and let it all absorb. I wake up to super nourished, plumped and perkier skin. With propoplis, honey and rosehip, it’s super soothing and restorative, making a fantastic at home treat for any skin type during inclement weather.

Other moisturising creams from Content Beauty that I love:

May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm, £128

A concentrated beautiful blue melting balm to calm sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin (as well as a racing mind). Shea butter, cocoa butter, baobab oil, lavender oil, frankincense and vanilla make this a decadent treat for your face whilst blue tansy oil eases the spirits. It will blow your budget and your mind, but a little goes a long way and will last virtually forever!

Weleda Skin Food, £9.95

A cult classic and a much loved protect and repair cream. I have one in the kitchen, office, bathroom and bedroom. Sunflower, sweet almond oil and lanolin replenish the skin whilst beeswax forms a protective layer to prevent further moisture loss and dryness.


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