Katherine Daniels at Josh Wood


We try the rising brand that’s got
serious skincare credentials

Josh Wood Atelier salon is tucked away behind Holland Park Tube in London on a quiet, pretty mews with no fanfare – blink and you’ll miss it. It’s the kind of exclusive retreat that draws in A-listers looking for discretion with their top-notch beauty services. We spot Kate Bosworth no less walking just outside.

But it’s not just the rich and famous that can enjoy Marian Newman Nails or Sisley facials. Added to the prestigious list of treatments is Katherine Daniels. If you haven’t heard the name before, let us fill you in. Relatively new, it hit the skincare scene in 2014 thanks to two women who pooled their beauty know-how having earned their stripes at spas and salons. The goal for Katherine Daniels is clear: for skincare make sense. No fluff, just the good stuff.


Formulations are built on the muscle power of plant marine, collagen and biotechnology sources which form the building blocks to the facials, which come in time-crafted sessions starting from 30 minutes up to 80 minutes. These treatments do away with any excess and airy fairy ideas – here it’s about pampering with serious results in mind. Products that feel and smell good that also roll their sleeves up and do some hard graft. Reflecting this, the product line is a pared back black and white, giving the impression it’s no nonsense, honest skin goodness inside.

What’s more the retail range is huge and features everything from essentials like cleansing gels and creams to body formulas including shimmering Midas body sprays, for that touch of luxury.

Go to Katherine Daniels’ website to find your nearest salon or spa.


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