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What’s New17/05/2018

Patrick Starrr releases new spring collab with MAC

Hello garden goddess!

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What’s New17/07/2017

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Strength Training Is The Best Way To Workout

It burns more calories than cardio.  While pounding that treadmill is great for your heart and boosts your metabolism, the effects of lifting have more […]

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What’s New26/06/2017

Three Supplements You Need In Your Life

Think taking vitamins and supplements are for when you get older? Think again

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What’s New01/02/2017

3 Quick Yoga Poses To Try In the Morning

The benefits of regular yoga practise have been well documented. Rather than some hippie craze, it’s an Eastern tradition that dates back thousands of years, […]

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What’s New11/01/2017

The Beauty Benefits of Exercise

Make like Jourdan Dunn and get moving! And it’s not just your fitness levels that will thank you

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What’s New20/04/2016

Rihanna Set To Release Tell-All Documentary

It’s more ‘work work work’ for our fave bad gal as she records new film

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What’s New29/02/2016

Calling all Lion Babe fans!

Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Jillian Hervey in our March issue, out tomorrow!

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What’s New26/02/2016

First look: Bumble & Bumble’s new Afro-friendly range

New Bb.Curl is what curly manes have been craving

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What’s New04/02/2016

Why we’re lusting over L’Oreal’s new Sculpt Collection

If it’s good enough for Mario Dedivanovic it’s good enough for us!

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