How to enhance your natural ‘fro with clip-ins

Enhance the natural beauty of your own hair and transform everyday looks in less than 10 minutes using this new clip-in collection.

Whether you want to gain inches or inject more volume into your crowning glory, the Big Beautiful Hair Clip-in takes the guesswork out of enhancing natural kinks and coils. A match-made for curls belonging to the type 4 hair camp, the 100% human hair premium blend is the go-to accessory for achieving on-trend kink-inspired styles. Warning: Doesn’t come with a ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ sign.

Big Beautiful Hair Clip In 4c Corkscrew Afro
4c Corkscrew Afro – A formation of zig-zag strands; high in density, low in lustre and prone to shrinakge

What’s the big deal?

The uniqueness of type 4 hair means it should be celebrated and worn proudly. With the Big Beautiful Hair Clip-in you can confidently fulfil this criteria and feel your absolute best by wearing a set of extensions crafted to blend seamlessly with your own hair. Curate the style of your dreams with this full collection of textured locks. Plus, they’re easy to install and takeout. Spell Magazine editor Jemima Cousins says: “To achieve a flawless blend, twirl or loosely twist your natural curls with the clip-in hair.”

Big Beautiful Hair 4a Kinky Curl
4a Kinky Curl – An open S-style curl made up of several elongated strands

Choose your hair type

The Big Beautiful Hair Clip-in is designed to mimic and take on the form of natural, tightly kinked and coiled type 4 hair so you have the confidence to explore a wide spectrum of styles. Follow the style guide below to locate your curl pattern.

Big Beautiful Hair 4a Kinky Straight
Kinky Straight – A blow-dried texture with a subtle kink

Fast & fabulous

Transform braid outs and blow-outs in minutes using the three-step installation method. You’ll find these techniques rival the speed of putting on a wig. Plus, it scores extra brownie points for being a glueless and well-ventilated style.

Big Beautiful Hair 4a Coily Fro
4c Coily Fro – A tightly compacted coil, springy in nature with fine strands

If you’re on a mane mission to protect your curls, the prep with braids method is for you. The hair is tucked away into canerows and row by row the clip-in wefts are added to create the desired finish. For flexibility in wearing your hair up and down choose the prep without braid method. This wil lgive you optimum style versatility t obuild length and volume, as well as blending the curls into your own hair. Both installation methods are vitrually undectable and to the naked-eye it looks au natural.

Available in natural black and two-tone colours, prices start from £20.49.

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