‘Ombré Concealer’ is TikTok trending

Brighten undereyes and lift cheekbones with the latest TikTok trend: ombré concealer

Ombre concealer

It seems there’s a new TikTok makeup trend every day, and the most recent one is ‘Ombré Concealer’ which has racked up 16.3 million video views and counting. The trend encourages you to dab on a rainbow of concealer and blush to brighten your undereyes, and we’ve spoken to Makeup Artist and founder of makeup brand Pearl Beauty, Elanna Pecherle to give us the 411.

@makeupbymissevelyn AD Soft ombré concealer hack using @Maybelline New York 😍 Products used: @maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in 7 Sand & 10 Caramel @maybelline Cheek Heat Blush in Fuchsia Spark & Nude Burn #makeupdecoded #maybelline #ombreconcealer #undereyeconcealer ♬ original sound – Miss Evelyn

What is ombré concealer?

“Ombré undereye concealer technique starts with dots of makeup stamped under your eyes: first with the lightest shade of concealer near the inner corner; followed by a darker shade in the middle; and lastly your blush of choice in the outermost corner. This trend multitasks by brightening the undereyes and lifting the cheekbones, all in one blend. Applying a gradient of colours under the eyes creates a natural brightening finish that usually takes more time, products, and brushes to achieve. Plus, the higher placement of blush gives me a sculpted effect.

The technique is a combination of two tried-and-true tricks: colour correcting and draping. Using a peach tone (or colour corrector) under your eyes has been used for years to help brighten and neutralize dark circles, and the placement of this blush is known as draping and has evolved over the years, but was very popular in the 70’s.”

How to do ombre concealer

To curate the technique in the correct shade order, choose a concealer that is two or three shades lighter than your foundation for your inner corner, then choose one that is one shade lighter than your foundation for the next dot. You can add a third dot of concealer if you feel you need more cover for your undereyes. But for the third and fourth dot you can apply your blush shades, you can two different shades; one lighter and one slightly darker, or you can use the same blush shade.


Ombre concealer trend! I actually love how this turned out! 😍🙌🏾 #ombreconcealer #blushtrend #makeuphacks #makeupchallenge #blackgirlmakeup

♬ Little Girl Gone – CHINCHILLA

To avoid a muddled, patchy finish, stick with formulas of the same texture. Liquid concealer and liquid blush work best for this technique as they tend not to dry down so fast or get muddled with colour. You can use a cream blush for this stage but I would suggest applying the cream blush after you’ve blended out the liquid concealer shades on both eyes, as cream blushes dry down quicker and you’ll have to work faster to get that seamless blend of colours.

Then comes the most important step: strategically blending it all together. I would recommend reaching for a brush and working from your inner corners out, in the same order each product was applied. This ensures each dot and product is somewhat blended and doesn’t mix with the next product – you want a gradient, not to create one shade with the mix of colours. All the products together should create a blurred-line effect so there’s barely any distinction between where the concealer and blush start and stop. Once everything has been lightly blended, roll a damp makeup sponge over the concealer-blush mix to soften any distinct lines.

After blending set your undereye area with a Translucent Setting Powder. You might also want to add more blush to your cheekbones, as one application of blush is never enough for me!”

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