Anita Lusardi of Afroani

From pre-poo to braid-out, Afroani founder Anita Lusuardi reveals her natural haircare secrets

Growing up in Italy, how difficult was it to find the right haircare products?

It was very difficult! I remember asking my mum to texturise my hair cause I wanted it straighter. My mum used to wash my hair in the sink and we used to use the big orange bottle of Cream of Nature shampoo followed by the Hair Mayonnaise by Organics. I can still remember how strong the perfumes in these products were. 

What were you solutions to haircare growing up? 

My mum is an amazing braider so during my teens I always used to wear my hair in braids. I tried out soo many different colours and styles. 

I started learning how to care for my curls from British and American Youtubers when I was still living in Italy because I couldn’t find any Italian speaking tutorials on curly/ afro hair.


You’ve mentioned before that you have several different curl patterns – does that make caring for and styling your hair more challenging?

My curl pattern at the back of my head is a lot looser compared to the curls at the front so I always apply a bit more product to the tighter curls as they tend to need a lot more moisture. 

What’s your current haircare routine?

My current hair care routine is very simple, I usually dedicate Thursday evenings to washing my hair. I use our solid shampoo bar to wash my scalp and I do two rinses one to lift up the build up and a second one to make sure my scalp is clean. 

I then apply our Hydrate & Strengthen hair mask and I detangle my hair in sections with one of our wide tooth combs. After rinsing the product out I style my hair in a braid out. 


Having started out as a natural hair content creator, how do you balance this with running Afroani? 

I am still trying to find the right balance between the two. Running a business can be very time consuming and I often find myself neglecting my content creator page as I am alway creating new fresh content for Afroani. However lately I have been sharing some of my behind-the-scenes moments on my personal page which I really enjoyed doing. 

There is no denying that the natural hair movement really found its feet on social media in the last decade. Do you think that natural hair content creators are still driving the movement? 

Yes I do believe natural hair content creators are still driving the movement as they often create new trends but I think we are getting to the point where lots of people are sharing their natural hair journey online and we don’t necessarily need a big platform to set our own trends. 


What kind of content do your followers love to make with Afroani products? 

Our community loves to make gorgeous lifestyle content with our products or styling videos where they showcase themselves wearing our hair accessories.

A good hair comb is a natural hair staple – what is it that makes Afroani’s combs so popular? 

Our combs are made out of plant based plastic which makes our combs sustainable and gentle on the hair strands. We also create some fantastic patterns and designs which our customers love. 


What is plant based plastic and why did you choose it for the material of your combs? 

It’s a material made from natural resources like  wool pulp and it makes our combs flexible and durable. We chose plant based plastic because we really wanted to be sustainable where we could and we also wanted to bring something different to the market. 

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