Scarlette Douglas

A Place in the Sun presenter Scarlette Douglas shares her house hunting tips for first time buyers and her propensity to take risks with her hair in front of the cameras

Tell us about the first property you bought in London?

It was a one bedroom flat in a converted house in Barnet, north London. I turned it into a two-bedroom flat. It was a big learning curve as I had cowboy builders.

What’s your favourite property from your time on A Place in the Sun?

It would have to be a place I filmed the first time I went to Antigua. The setting was amazing; it was a three-bedroom house with wooden floors, plantation style shutters and an infinity pool overlooking the beach. On the site you had access to free water sports and spa treatments – it was literally a dream. I even called my mortgage advisor to see if I could potentially buy it, but the house hunters offered on it instead!

Scarlette Douglas

What’s your go-to hairstyle when you’re filming in hot countries?

I usually wear wigs as my natural hair won’t manage in the heat and direct sunshine. I mix up my collection with a variety of curly afros or sometimes I install braids.

Do you feel pressure to style your hair a particular way for TV?

I actually love taking risks and pushing boundaries with my hair on TV. I’ve always loved big hair and I believe strongly in not changing my style to fit into somebody else’s box.

Scarlette Douglas

If you had to choose between living in the UK or abroad, where would you pick?

This is a tough one. I’d probably pick abroad, somewhere like Miami or LA, but I’d miss my family back here. We’re all really close and I’ve got six nieces and nephews so that would be hard. I guess they could come and visit me during their school holidays though! I’d choose America because I think there are so many more opportunities for people of colour than there are here and I’d love to explore working over there.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for young people to buy their own property. Do you have any tips on how to save money for a deposit?

It’s extremely difficult. If you can live at home with parents for as long as possible then do so. As long as your parents are OK with it there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Renting is empty money and can be used to help you save. You may not be able to live rent free with your parents, but I’m sure they’d give you a good deal. You can do the cooking or cleaning and take it off the price of your rent, for example. Nights out with excessive spending on drinks or blowing your wage on clothes is just a waste of money. Every once in a while you can treat yourself of course, but in the long run those flashy things aren’t an investment – a home is.

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