DREAMI’s husband-wife duo on silk pillowcases and frizz-prevention

Want to elevate your night-time routine to incorporate hair and skincare? DREAMI show us how it’s done.

Sophia and Anthony are the founders of silk accessory brand DREAMI. With a focus on wellbeing, the pair draw from their backgrounds in aesthetics (Sophia) and retail (Anthony) to bring their customers a better sleep experience through products like silk sleep masks, pillowcases and scrunchies.

Here, Sophia and Anthony talk to us about the myriad benefits of silk, tips for a better night time routine, and what it’s like working together as a recently married couple.

Satin scrunchies and silk hair accessories are all the rage. What sets DREAMI Boutique’s accessories apart?

DREAMI Boutique offers luxurious silk accessories at relatively affordable prices. We made it our mission to headhunt a manufacturer who matched our values and brand ethos for creating the very best wellness products – the soft material captivates the senses, putting you in “Dreami land”! We aim to connect with people from all demographics, offering a diverse perspective on an already competitive space.

DREAMI Pillowcase – Silver Grey, £69.95

At first glance £69.95 is expensive for a pillowcase. What are the benefits to getting a good night’s sleep on a silk pillowcase?

The DREAMI Pillowcase offers a multitude of benefits for the hair, skin and body. The smooth fabric hydrates the skin, reducing sleep lines and the onset of wrinkles. Pillowcases made from cotton cause friction; when we toss and turn in our sleep, it saps moisture out of the hair and skin, affecting our appearance in the morning. Silk prevents frizzy hair and is antibacterial, which is great for preventing inflammation that can lead to acne flare-ups.

Other benefits include: anti-ageing properties, hypoallergenic qualities (as it repels dust mites), and skin hydration. When it comes to keeping cool in hot weather, mulberry silk regulates the body temperature (also called ‘thermoregulation’), offering a more comfortable sleep.

DREAMI Pillowcase – Pink, £69.95

Can you tell us a surprising fact you’ve learnt about silk that you didn’t know before?

Mulberry silk contains a protein called sericin which has 18 amino acids to help your skin retain moisture and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Why is silk more beneficial than other materials such as satin?

100% mulberry silk is pretty much unparalleled by any other type of material, including satin. It feels luxurious to touch, durable and strong (reflecting on wear and tear). As mentioned above, it is probably the best material to maintain healthy, frizz-free hair.

DREAMI Sleep Mask – Malachite Blue, £59.95

What are your five tips for a better night routine?

  1. Cleanse and hydrate the skin with a retinol serum.
  2. Tie the hair up with a silk DREAMI scrunchie.
  3. Apply a sleep spray to the DREAMI bedding/pillowcase.
  4. Play sleep meditation in the background or through headphones for relaxation.
  5. Use the padded DREAMI sleep mask each night.

How can silk accessories be incorporated into male grooming?

To improve sleep, incorporate silk padded eye masks; this blocks out the sunlight, helping you get better quality sleep for longer, while offering hydrating and anti-ageing benefits via the silk material.

DREAMI Scrunchies – Champagne, Black, Pink, £22.95

The three pack scrunchies are made with Oeko-Tex – sounds high-tech! Tell us more…

Oeko-Tex is a worldwide certification for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production. It confirms the human ecological safety of textile products and lets the consumer know the item has undergone quality control checks completed during laboratory testing for wide range of harmful substances.

What’s the best part about working together as husband and wife? And what advice do you have for couples venturing into business together?

Working as a husband and wife partnership has been a blessing on the whole, allowing us to pursue mutual goals and collectively working on our “why” purpose in life. However, it does come with challenges. Establishing work boundaries, and understanding our strengths and weaknesses, has helped us become more efficient and productive. For the longevity of any working/marriage partnership, it’s important to get the work/life balance right. Dates nights are must! And good, honest communication is the key to overall success.

What dreams do you both have for DREAMI Boutique?

We’re absolutely open to taking DREAMI as far possible. What does that look like? Making DREAMI a recognised brand name in the UK and internationally. My wife and I believe in manifestation, so it’s important to visualise your dreams – that will help you achieve them.

Shop DREAMI at dreamiboutique.co.uk

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